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Takes around 5 minutes. Completly free. Immediate scientific results. No registration. — is a free online character test that is capable of recognising your character strengths. The results are created through statistics. Only suitable for your entertainment.

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About the scientific character test

PersonalityTracer is a scientific character test that uses statistics (mainly cluster analysis) to create a dynamic character profile. It does not use psychology to derive the profile from your answers. Instead it uses a newly developed statistical method to interpolate previously collected data. This personality test therefore creates your character profile from real world data. The algorithm of the test interpolates this background data, which allows it to work without psychological theories. The nature of the question therefore does not hint obviously to the results. Therefore the test can hardly be manipulated.

The distinct method of data aggregation allows for a modular personality profile that recognizes character tendencies. These discover your character strengths and the way you are perceived by other people.

This Website provides a free service. This character test is scientifically sound, it does not however replace a consultation of a professional psychologist. Any commercial use of the test without prior written consent is prohibited. If you are interested in commercial use, please contact the staff.

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Previous test results:

Leidenschaftlich, romantisch und gefühlvoll (2017-07-24 19:35:50)

Romantisch, gelassen und leidenschaftlich (2017-07-24 14:31:22)

Fair, romantisch und rücksichtsvoll (2017-07-24 11:23:16)

Gefühlvoll, romantisch und natürlich (2017-07-24 11:06:15)